The Yoga of Living for Women

Are you longing for a feeling of peace with your body, your mind and your spirit?

Do you feel crummy and tired?

Do you get bloated and have gas after you eat?

Do you struggle with sleep?

Are you not interested in sex as much as you used to be?

These are symptoms of living a life that is out of balance and you probably know it, but maybe you don't really know how to change this or maybe you have tried and tried but can't seem to stick with the plan.

Yoga is an entire system created by people from our ancient past all to the way to present day to help those who practice to find balance in all parts of their being...body, mind and spirit...because without harmony we are constantly struggling against unseen challenges.

If this sounds like something that will help you feel amazing, call me or email me and let's talk about how Yoga can be part of that. alignagain @ or call 518-692-7041