Private Teacher Training and Mentoring Program Available now


  • loves yoga and thinks everyone should be doing it
  • has something special to offer others learned through your journey
  • has a curiosity for the deeper practices of yoga and the whole lifestyle it creates
  • is looking to create a cool side income or perhaps develop a new career that is fulfilling and meaningful
  • has a personal yoga practice of at least a year.

Becoming a teacher is not to be taken lightly. You are choosing to embark on a journey that not only changes you but can change the lives of many others. There are so many choices to make when looking at yoga teacher trainings, so I would like to offer some ways to help you decide if this is the right one for you.

Even if you are not interested in becoming a teacher, this training can help you connect to your yoga practice in a way that regular classes can't.

This training is right for you if...

  • you want to work in an intensive and specialized setting
  • you are open minded and open hearted
  • you are willing to try new things
  • you are willing to tap into your own unique experiences and knowledge
  • you are ready to experience great personal transformation in your life
  • you realize there are many ways to approach the practice of yoga


  • you can take life seriously and still be able to laugh and have a good time

How is private teacher training different from so many others?

I have been part of a few really good and really different teacher trainings. I have hired and been taught by many yoga teachers fresh out of training or even a few years into their teaching role, and I always feel like there no one is truly ready to go out onto the world of real live students after only 200 hours of training. In large group settings there is more opportunity for the students to practice teach more bodies, but less time for the instructor to zero in on a soon to be teacher's specific issues. In small group settings, the students get lots of personal attention but fewer bodies to look at. And then, there is always the group dynamic that makes it difficult for the teacher to personalize the teaching to what the students really need. The training always has to be somewhat generic.

Private teaching training allows me, the teacher, to offer you, the student, a personalized, specialized and intensive experience. You will meet with me every week as well as have homework and outside learning experiences and together we will develop your teaching skills and knowledge of yoga to a place that you will feel like an almost seasoned teacher upon graduating.

What does this teacher training offer?

As a student in this training, you will learn the skills required to take the seat of the teacher through creative use of clear language, helpful imagery, thoughtful themes and intelligent sequencing to make the classes you offer safe, transformative and enjoyable so your students keep coming back for more.

You will learn applied anatomy, physiology and the energetics of yoga to help you be better able to create a supportive and safe environment for your students.  With the proper use of props and an understanding of the ways to assist and adjust your student you can be ready to deal with just about any “body” that walks into your classroom with confidence and experience.

We will delve deeply into the history, philosophy and lifestyle associated with the yoga tradition to help your students understand the value of yoga on more than just a physical level thereby offering a full life practice.  You will develop your own personal practice set in the yogic tradition so that you as the teacher can be supported and grounded in the tradition you choose to teach.

What this year offers

  • 48 weekly one on one hour and a half sessions.
  • a variety of elective courses to participate in throughout the training year.
  • a strong business and marketing session to help you start your new career or side income plan on the right foot.
  • online support through Facebook and email which gives you the opportunity to share your questions and experiences with your fellow teachers in training and any graduates from past training sessions.
  • unlimited classes at Align Again Yoga to help you keep training between weekends (starts upon the acceptance of your application).
  • and a really fun agenda to make learning fun and get you teaching right away!

How to apply

I only have room on my schedule for 6 students at a time. You must apply, have a phone interview and be accepted to participate in this program. If you are ready to make this dream of yours become a reality, Click here to download your application.