Yoga For Everyone

Private lessons are a great way to:

  • Learn more about your own body and its funny ways
  • Discover the many ways that the system of yoga can improve your wellbeing
  • Relieve chronic pain, prevent injury and overcome injury

Yoga Just for Horse People

I noticed one day while riding a nice old show horse that his canter to the right was smooth light and easy, but to the left he was all off and falling in. I just chalked it up to his be a little arthritic, but as a yoga practitioner and teacher I thought better than to blame it all on him. As I observed myself, I realized that my left leg is practically flapping against the saddle while the right leg is making up for the left by clinging desperately. As soon as I applied my left leg his canter to the left licked right up and got much easier for the both of us.

The trick is, how to do you keep your horses in balance the time when your own body is so out of alignment by habit and an imbalance in muscle strength? And can you become more sensitive to your horse's needs when you are feeling apprehensive and your muscles are tense?

This is where yoga comes in. Through a variety of techniques from yoga, physical therapy and mindfulness you can achieve an awareness with your own body that enables you to develop a deeper more satisfying relationship with your horse.

Here are some potential ways therapeutic yoga for riding can help you and your horse:

  • You will gain more confidence as your muscles begin to balance giving you and your horse more freedom of movement.
  • Yoga reduces stress and alleviates tension which inhibits clear communication between you and your horse. The more yoga you practice the more you will become aware of the subtle communications between you and your horse.
  • You own alignment issues will be either corrected or modified so riding not only will be more fun but can actually become a form of physical therapy. The synchronized movement of horse and rider is beneficial for the whole body when done with ease and alignment.
  • And one more benefit to using yoga therapeutics to improve your riding is that your horse will also begin to find balance and fluidity of movement.

Our sessions will consist of an evaluation, yoga that is specific to your needs and a written out sequence for you to practice at home.

Please contact me via email or phone to further discuss your needs and ambitions for you and your horse. alignagain@yahoo.com518-692-7041 I look forward to working with you.