Are you stuck?

Are you stuck? I’ve been stuck. Sometimes stuck happens because you aren’t sure what the next step is. Sometimes stuck happens because you feel like you are doing the right thing for those around you or for yourself. Sometimes stuck happens because of fear. Sometimes you don’t even know why you got stuck…it just happened and 10 years later you start to catch on that you are not growing anymore. Stuck happens because we are human and humans both like to grow and they like things to stay the same. It’s weird to have both things at once isn’t it?

So how do you know if you are stuck? Well…physically it is easy. You wake up in the morning and you feel stiff and tired. You have a little…or big…layer of fat. Maybe you always have a stuffy nose or cough. You feel always a little tired. Your joints ache if you do certain things or eat certain foods.

Mental and emotional stuckness is a little harder to identify, because stuck is like a fog and we don’t notice it happening until we are deep into it. Stuck in the mind: you tell the same stories over and over. You are angry at the same person 10 years later. The stories you tell of your past still get you excited or sad or angry as if it is still happening. You are sleepy or agitated. You have the same routine daily and don’t even know it, but if you deviate from it you are a mess…and don’t know why. You have a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

Spiritually stuck? This is the one you might not even know is happening at all, but you know when you get unstuck. When you get unstuck you feel glorious. You feel the world is amazing and beautiful and you can do whatever it is you want and your actions and presence will grace this world in whatever it is you are doing. Spiritually stuck only really hurts in hindsight. You can see as you look back how dim you were. You can see how sad you felt. You can feel the empty place, that heaviness and lack of feeling connected.

Some of these things sound like mental illness and aging right? Well…because that what it is. As we age, it gets easier to stay in patterns. It might even be for our own well being that we do that. And addiction and mental illness are a deep stuckness that are enforced by several factors that have overwhelmed a person’s system and ability to manage the results on their own.

While I think it is possible to stay unstuck permanently and continuously, I think most of us will swing between freedom and stuck for the journey of our lives. In my humble opinion and experience the trick is to try to keep the swings from being too drastic. The less we swing the better off we are. It’s the swing from one extreme to another that causes us the most trouble. Yoga is a system that is designed to help people stay centered and balanced. When you are in alignment you are healthy. When you are out of alignment you are opening the doors to dis-ease and sickness.

What is your goal? What do you want from your life? Why did you sign up for yoga or get on this newsletter mailing list? What is the little voice inside you saying that drives you to go to classes and eat the apple when you really want the donut? When you uncover this, you open to the possibilities that you actually might be able to answer that voice. That is getting unstuck…that is freedom!

Zaidee Bliss