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I am fascinated by the art of teaching. I would say that my practice is actually about being the best teacher I can be. It feels only right that I would share this fascination with others. join me on a journey of self discovery through the practice of teaching yoga.


Continuing education

Upcoming events

200 Hour yoga Teacher Training starts September 2019 at Move to Live in Greenwich, NY. Details below!


Teacher mentoring

Work with Me

I will work privately with Yoga Teachers who want to get ahead in their practice of teaching. You will earn how to set goals and achieve them and make good decisions when it comes to what training you should add to your practice. You will develop the skills required to market yourself in a market saturated with yoga teachers trying to make an impression. You will also learn ways to fund your teacher development.


  2019 Teacher Training & Yoga Lifestyle Immersion Program

Continue reading if you are someone who-

  • loves yoga and thinks everyone should be doing it

  • has something special to offer others learned through your journey

  • has a curiosity for the deeper practices of yoga and the whole lifestyle it creates

  • is looking to create a cool side income or perhaps develop a new career that is fulfilling and meaningful

  • has a personal yoga practice of at least a year.

Becoming a teacher is not to be taken lightly.  You are choosing to embark on a transformational journey that not only changes you but can change the lives of many others.  How can you ensure that you are starting off on the right foot?  There are so many choices to make when looking at yoga teacher trainings, so I would like to offer some ways to help you decide if this is the right one for you.

If becoming a teacher is not for you, but you want to develop your practice and incorporate yoga as a lifestyle you can join us as a Lifestyle Immersion participant.  You get all parts of the Teacher Training without the teaching stuff.

­­This training is right for you if-

  • you want to work in a small group and build a sense of community and support

  • you are open minded and open hearted

  •  you are willing to try new things 

  • you are willing to tap into your own unique experiences and knowledge

  • you are ready to experience great personal transformation in your life

  • you realize there are many ways to approach the practice of yoga

and… (drum roll please)

  • you can take life seriously and still be able to laugh and have a good time

What does this teacher training offer?

As a student in this training, you will learn the skills required to take the seat of the teacher through creative use of clear language, helpful imagery, thoughtful themes and intelligent sequencing to make the classes you offer safe, transformative and enjoyable so your students keep coming back for more.

You will learn applied anatomy, physiology and the energetics of yoga to help you be better able to create a supportive and safe environment for your students.  With the proper use of props and an understanding of the ways to assist and adjust your student you can be ready to deal with just about any “body” that walks into your classroom with confidence and experience.

We will delve deeply into the history, philosophy and lifestyle associated with the yoga tradition to help your students understand the value of yoga on more than just a physical level thereby offering a full life practice.  You will develop your own personal practice set in the yogic tradition so that you as the teacher can be supported and grounded in the tradition you choose to teach.


How is this training different from so many others?

The teacher training group will be small to ensure more individualized and hands on training.  There will be others invited to various parts of the training, whose presence will further enhance the learning opportunities for those modules.

We offer a strong business component of yoga to help you navigate your way into teaching in a market that needs more great yoga teachers.  Yoga alliance only allocates 5 hours of business support in their required curriculum, but I am adding bonus marketing hours so that you will be able to get yourself out and teaching as soon as you feel ready.

Teacher trainees will be supported throughout the training through small peer study groups, direct mentorship with lead teacher Zaidee Bliss, and a tele-seminar series that allows us to integrate a few more hours of studies without having to leave your home. You will have access to online support throughout and as you go off into the world of teaching for 6 months following the end of training so you don’t feel pushed out into the world of teaching all alone.


What if you don’t want to teach?

So many people participate in a teacher training because they want to take their practice to a deeper level. They have no intention of ever teaching and yet I have watched them suffer through the practice teaches and have to sit through the sessions about business and ethics. I decided that to create a track within the teacher training that allows people to take the parts of the training that matter to them and leave out the parts that just cause stress.  In exchange for the hours that are for the trainees, the Lifestyle Immersionists will participate in private coaching sessions with me in order to personalize your lifestyle practices.

The Lifestyle Immersion is the teacher training EXCEPT the following

  • you will not be asked to practice teach

  • you will not attend the sessions regarding teaching techniques

  • you will not attend the session on the business and ethics of being a yoga teacher (Phew! right?)

Instead you get:

  • 10 months of intensive study on the lifestyle of yoga to further your love and understanding of yoga

  • 10 months of unlimited classes at Move to Live to bolster your daily practice.

  • books that relate to living a more inspired life.

  • all the anatomy, physiology, philosophy and other geeky stuff you can handle!

  • 4.5 hours of one on one contact with Zaidee to personalize a lifestyle plan just for you.


What to expect each weekend-

We will meet monthly Friday through Sunday from September through June.

The weekends will be filled with daily asana practice, lectures, hands on training and practice teaches.  We will have lots of time for discussion, Q&A and group work.  Lunches are free time for you to spend some social time with your fellow trainees or quiet time on your own. 


So, let’s review what this year offers-

  • 10 weekends of small group learning designed to help you start off teaching with confidence.

  • a strong business and marketing session to help you start your new career or side income plan on the right foot.

  • a tele-seminar series threaded throughout the training to get in a few more hours of information without having to leave your house!

  • online support through Facebook which gives you the opportunity to share your questions and experiences with your fellow trainees between weekends.

  • unlimited classes at Move to Live to help you keep training between weekends (starts upon the acceptance of your application).

  • Lots of interesting homework to keep you in the flow all month long.

  • *bonus addition* all your required reading material will be provided for you at the start of the training.

And, again- if you do not want to become a teacher but you want all that goes with a teacher training you may participate in the Lifestyle Immersion Program

Your time and financial investment:

There will be homework assigned each weekend.

Pay in full/Early Bird price (if paid by September 15th): $2597

Payment plan method or last minute: $2747 or 10 automatic monthly payments or $247.70

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted.

Fridays 6-8pm, Saturdays 9-6pm, Sundays 10-5pm

We will start in October this year. July date TBD

2. October 4th, 5th, 6th

3. November 1st, 2nd, 3rd

4. December 6th, 7th, 8th

5. January 3rd, 4th, 5th

6. February 7th, 8th, 9th

7. March 6th, 7th, 8th

8. April 3rd, 4th, 5th

9. May 1st, 2nd, 3rd

10. June 5th, 6th, 7th

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