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If you really pay attention to life, life will blossom within you. If you do not pay attention, you are somewhere else, and then life could go wrong.
— Sadhguru

About Me


I am an anatomy geek, health nut, animal lover and seeker of Truth! My offerings are deeply influenced by my fascination with healthy movement, the human body and the desire to find a sense of peace and real joy in every moment of life. My classes are well rounded and designed to suit the needs and levels of the students who attend. I pay special attention to alignment to enhance the students’ practice while encouraging them to explore their own experience. Each class is unique and can have themes that relate to daily life or themes that are just kind of kooky and fun. Meditation and the way we live are important parts of the yoga practice and emphasis is put on this practice in varying ways. I have been teaching since 2004, and I live in Easton, NY with my husband and three cats in a sweet old farm house!


Regular Weekly Classes



Gentle Asana Practice


This class is at Move To Live

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Sundays are for workshops and private lessons. Please see the calendar of events for what’s happening.


Open Yoga


At Hubbard Hall. Feel free to drop in and take a class with us!


Super Duper Beginner Yoga


This class is at the Yoga Place in Bennington, VT

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Advanced Asana


This class is also at the Yoga Place in Bennington, VT



Currently no classes Tuesdays


Alignment Based Asana


This class is at Hubbard Hall

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Advanced Asana


This class at at Move to Live

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Partner Yoga


New session starts this week! 9/11/19

This class is at Kind Nest.

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Mixed Level Asana Practice


This class is at Move To Live

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Functional Movement


These classes are at Move To Live

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Class Descriptions

Gentle Asana Practice is designed to help students unwind and get ready for the week ahead. Sometimes classes can be challenging, but the focus on creating a deep sense of ease in the body and peace in the mind.

Mixed Level Asana Practice is for all levels of students. Modifications will be offered to address all needs. The focus is on developing awareness of mind body connection.

Functional Movement are classes meant to help people gain the strength, flexibility and awareness of movement so better manage daily activities.

Goddess Empowered Yoga This series of six classes tap into the strength and wisdom of the Hindu Goddesses to help women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or aren’t sure what’s happening yet develop an awareness of your body that will support you during any phase of this amazing creative process. Use the Goddess energy to support your emotional wellbeing and connect to your own strength and wisdom. Any level of skill is welcome. An open mind and heart are all that’s needed.

Super Duper Beginners Yoga is just what it sounds like! This is for anyone of any skill and fitness level who wants to learn more about Yoga. Any level will benefit from this class.

Restore and Renew (no summer class available) This class is specifically for teachers who need a little push to get through the last day of the week and settle into their bodies so they feel rested and ready for a great weekend. All levels are welcome and you are welcome to come even if you aren’t a teacher!


Please check out the Events Calendar for special upcoming events

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
— rumi



Teacher Training 2019

I am so excited to be leading my second Teacher Training starting October 2019. I have had the pleasure of watching past teachers grow to be amazing yoga teachers, and for those who chose to use the training as an immersion, I have watched them dig deeper into their experience with yoga and how it fits into their world. Details are official! See events calendar.


My Office

70 Main Street
Greenwich, NY 12834


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